The Archer Sofa

The Archer Sofa


The Archer is a modernist work of art. If you own the Archer, look no further because you are the most stylish in your friend group. With architectural features, you can see how inspiration was drawn from modernist designers from the mid century.

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Introducing The Archer, a captivating modernist masterpiece that elevates your space to the pinnacle of style and sophistication. Owning The Archer is a statement in itself, as it positions you as the epitome of unparalleled style and discerning taste within your friend group. Inspired by the visionary designers of the mid-century modern era, this exceptional piece seamlessly blends architectural elements with contemporary allure.

The Archer's sleek lines and geometric forms create a harmonious fusion of art and functionality. Every angle and curve has been meticulously crafted to perfection, paying homage to the modernist movement that redefined design aesthetics. Its clean and minimalist silhouette exudes an air of refined elegance, making it an exquisite focal point in any room.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, The Archer embodies the timeless principles of modernist design while incorporating contemporary sensibilities. The combination of innovative materials and expert craftsmanship results in a truly remarkable piece that transcends trends and stands the test of time.

Product Info & Dimensions

  • LENGTH (in): 102 2/3
  • WIDTH (in): 37 2/5
  • HEIGHT (in): 29 4/5
  • WEIGHT (lbs): 191.4
  • COLOR: White Boucle

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Boucle White, Brown Velvet, Green Velvet


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