The Vendôme Coffee Table

The Vendôme Coffee Table


With strong sculptured lines, the Vendôme Coffee Table by Haus of Hue pairs well with indoor or outdoor accents. Made of concrete is takes a bold stance in your space and is just the accent any room could benefit from.

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Introducing the Vendôme Coffee Table, a captivating blend of strength and style that seamlessly complements both indoor and outdoor spaces. With its strong sculptured lines, this remarkable piece stands as a bold statement, commanding attention and transforming any room it graces.

Crafted from concrete, the Vendôme Coffee Table by Haus of Hue exudes an air of robust elegance. Its sturdy construction ensures durability, while its unique material choice adds a touch of contemporary flair. The juxtaposition of strength and sophistication makes it a versatile accent that effortlessly enhances a variety of interior styles.

Whether placed in a cozy living room or as a focal point on an outdoor terrace, the Vendôme Coffee Table becomes an exquisite addition to any space. Its distinct presence draws the eye and sparks conversation, showcasing its ability to elevate the aesthetic appeal of both indoor and outdoor environments.

Embrace the boldness of the Vendôme Coffee Table as it anchors your space with its commanding stance. Its sculptured lines create a visual impact, adding a touch of architectural charm to your surroundings. Whether used as a centerpiece for displaying cherished items or as a functional surface for drinks and books, this remarkable table is the perfect accent that any room could benefit from.

Experience the fusion of strength and style with the Vendôme Coffee Table, and elevate your space with a statement piece that embodies contemporary design at its finest.

Product Info & Dimensions

  • LENGTH (in): 41
  • WIDTH (in): 39 3/8
  • HEIGHT (in): 13 4/7
  • WEIGHT (lbs): 209
  • ACCENT: concrete

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Black Marble, Green Marble, White Marble


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